Paxil withdrawal symptoms

A huge number of people have to deal with depression and with all kinds of post-traumatic stress disorders that can have a serious adverse effect in their lives. Paxil is known for being one of the most effective ways to treat this sort of problem, but eventually everyone needs to take the time to handle their emotions without the use of any drugs and that is the moment when withdrawal symptoms might become an issue to handle and deal with.

The severity of the depression that an individual can experience is going to determine how long they are to stay medicated, but the longer the medication is given, the more dependent the body becomes to it and that is the moment when the symptoms can be terribly bad.

The symptoms of Paxil include:

  • Dizzines
  • Shaking
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased libido
  • Bad temper
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramps

Feelings of extreme anxiety and manic depression have also been linked to stopping the use of this drug, but this is not a very common thing to experience. Some people report having difficulty focusing and they cannot concentrate at all, but this is the kind of symptom that is likely to go away within nine to ten days at the most.

The process of detoxing from Paxil can be a bit difficult because your body needs to transition to being able to handle the emotions that forced you to end up taking the medication in the first place. This can be very difficult for people who hardly feel enough comfort when they are using the medication and there are other similar drugs that can be prescribed depending on the intensity of the problems.

A large number of individuals who take this particular drug are likely to want to start taking it again soon due to many issues that they experience from time to time with their depression and anxiety, but the best way to handle this is to take soft anxiety medications such as Valium but nothing too hard or strong. Any medication should be consulted with a doctor before taking it.

Eat healthy and workout

Those who are having to handle Paxil Withdrawal symptoms need to make sure that you are very active and that they keep themselves busy. The power of the mind is essential in letting go of any kind of medication to regain your independence and to stop feeling the need to use any medications to overcome your problems.


Consult with your doctor before you consider stopping because they will evaluate if can stop taking the drug without issues. Having an addiction to Paxil, you should consider the importance of getting the right kind of support in order to stop using the medication.

The faster you are able to learn how to deal with any kind of mental or physical issues without medication, the stronger our bodies become and the more chances we have of being able to live as healthy and drug-free as possible.